My Real Techniques Brushes Collection




Buffing Brush: I tend to use this brush for buffing in my foundation. Usually I will reach for my RealTechniques beauty sponge over this brush only because the application with this brush can be a bit streaky and lack coverage.


Expert Face Brush: This brush is great for contouring! Although I have heard some people say that it can also be used for applying foundation too. Either way, this brush is very versatile.


Contour Brush: No surprise here… this brush is great for contouring the cheekbones, the temples, etc.


Pointed Foundation Brush: If this particular brush did not come in a set, it would not be in my collection. I personally do not like using foundation brushes. They do absolutely nothing for me but leave my face streaky and cakey feeling! So, this guy just hangs out permanently in my brush holder.


Detailer Brush: I am not too sure what this brush was originally advertised for, but I use this brush for my inner-corner highlight. I suppose you could use this brush as a lip brush, but when comparing the width of this brush to that of an actual lip brush – there is just no comparison. For my own beauty needs, this tiny brush serves it’s purpose.


Powder Brush: There is a love-hate relationship with this particular brush. It picks up product nicely and is very soft, which is lovely and all, but….. it is sooooo hard to clean!?! Because this brush takes to the product so well, it ends up taking it all. The hairs are so dense that it almost becomes impossible to clean it thoroughly. If anyone has some suggestions on how I can deep clean this booger, I am all ears!


Stippling Brush: You can see my love for this brush by seeing that the name has almost rubbed off completely. I use this guy for foundation only. Honestly, this brush would be great at blending out a cream contour! However, since I have oily-skin, I tend to stray from the creams and just stick to the powders.


Setting Brush: I use this brush the most out of all of my RealTechniques brushes, but I do not use it to set me makeup. I have found that the brush is too small to set under my eyes, so I found an alternative use for it… nose contouring brush! The tapering in the brush helps to diffuse a harsh line and give a more subtle line. I usually don’t go crazy with contours, so a quick re-shaping of my nose with this guy is great and easy!


Blush Brush: My favorite of all RealTechniques, and also newest to my collection! I am traditionally not a fan of using these brushes for my blushes, and instead I go for the angled powdered brushes. I actually use this brush for my bronzer. This brush has a slight tapering and a lot of roundness to it’s shape, therefore making applying my bronzer quick, blended, and subtle. This guy helps me to avoid going overboard!


Most of my RealTechniques Brushes were bought from Target and Amazon. And are pretty affordable for the quality!


Stay tuned for my Morphe Brushes Collection – Coming soon!!





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