Ipsy Bag: August Edition

The infamous Ipsy has arrived… and it is adorable! Kudos to the beautiful color themes, cute phrases, and awesome selections this month! As per ush, we received 5 items in the wonderful subscription bag that were either full size or travel size. 

Below I will score each item a number 1 through 5; 1 being bloody awful & 5 being flippin amazing. Please know, these are my opinions… which are quite possibly and highly likely to be very different from your own. 

With all that being said… Happy readings & enjoy! 

Cutest packaging evvver.

The Balm Costemics: Voyage Vol. II in the shade Kuwakaribisha.

This is advertised as an eye shadow & a luminizer/ highlight. On my skin tone, this shade comes across almost rose-gold, but leaning more toward the gold. So, i most likely will not be using this for highlighting, but more so for eyeshadow. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful color that last all day!

Overall Rating: 5/5

YADAH: Silky Fit Concealer BB Power Brightening in the shade Light Beige. 

One thing I can definitely say about this concealer is that it does not lie. It does have a silky formula, it does concealer, it is a BB cream, and it does brighten the skin… but, it does not help my oily skin. This concealer does not dry down to a matte finish, and has a oily feel that may be considered to some as the “silkiness”. For oily skinned girls like myself, this product does not last long on the face. 

Overall Rating: 3/5

Pacifica: Coconut Blush Duo in the shades Beaming & Tenderheart. 

I prefer Beaming over Tenderheart because of its earthy,  natural tone. Tenderheart is also beautiful, as a mauve tone, but something about the terracotta hue in Beaming is just perfect. Be warned, there is a fair share of kick-up I both pans. A nice ole tap of the brush should do the trick though! 

Overall Rating: 5/5

Vitamasques: Yoghurt Mask Duo in Strawberry and Kiwi. 

The strawberry mask helps to smooth & illuminate, while the kiwi mask softens & revitalizes. So since I have not tried either of these masks yet, I will leave this rating as to be determined. Though they do look just as promising as the next facial mask… fingers crossed they don’t let me down! 

Overall Rating: TBD

Glamour Dolls: Blending Brush in Romantic Rose. First of all… I love this trending obsession with rose gold items. It just makes everything seem so much more fancier than they truly are! (So basically, I want my life to be double-dipped in nothing but rose gold.) Secondly, the quality of this eyeshadow brush is A+. It’s perfect for creating a diffused, yet concentrated shadow within the crease. This brush has quickly become one of my favs in the morning!

Overall Rating: 5/5

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Thanks again for reading!!

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