Review: Loreal’s Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

As you can probably tell by the title of this post I will be showing how the Loreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara wears (or doesn’t wear) throughout the course of the entire day with pictures that are time stamped.

This is a highly raved about beauty product… mainly due to this mascara being an exact dupe to Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara. And I completely agree, it is 100% a dupe for BTS mascara. It separates your lashes, adds volume, and is very pigmented, but unfortunately, it’s also exactly like the cons of BTS mascara. The formula is superrrr dry, it flakes like crazy, and dries up quickly. 
So, without further ado… let’s get on with it!

The wand shape is great for my particular eye shape and length of my lashes. It’s not so long that it ruins my entire look with a dab of black on my eyelid (Anyone else experience this on the regular?), but also has an hourglass shape that gives my long lashes a bit of even volume on each strand.

9:33 am.

Work began at 9, so I have already been moving around the office a little bit. As you see, the mascara has already began to flake under my eyes. Not cute.

12:52 pm.

This was about the time I had came back to the office after getting off for my lunch break at 12. Clearly, the flaking has failed to cease and has, in fact, gotten worse. If you look closely, you will see black specs on my actual eyeball… this not Photoshopped.

5:48 pm.

I had just gotten home from work and nearly all traces of makeup have worn away. While my lashes still appeared full, the flakes have now evolved around the entire upper and lower lid.

*My apologies for not having a time stamp on this photo!

This was some time after the 7 o’clock hour after eating dinner. And, clearly the flakes have migrated south to my cheek region.

I was soooo incredibly excited to try out this mascara that everyone had been raving about, but to my disappointment… this mascara did not measure up to the hype! Needless to say, the formula was very drying and flaked throughout the day. The only pro for this product is the thickness it provides to the lashes. Will I repurchase this item??… No. Definitely not. I believe that there are far more mascaras that can offer the same thing, and leaving you flakeless by the end of the day!

My overall rating: 1/5

And so that search for the best mascara continues….

If you know of a mascara that is awesome and worth sharing, please comment below!! 
As always, thank you for reading! 😊




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