My Trip to Asheville

I’ve been a native to Georgia for majority of my life and have gotten to explore a good bit of what the south has to offer, but have never had the chance to visit Asheville. I practically fell in love with the state of North Carolina when I last visited a family member in Charlotte. Though I am not sure which stole my heart first, the breath-taking views of the blue ridge mountains or the lack of humidity in the air!

So needless to say, when I was told that I would love Asheville just as much as Charlotte I knew I needed to make the three hour drive to see for myself!

Asheville was literally everything I thought it would be… and maybe even a little more! I knew beforehand that Asheville is considered the “home of the artist’s”, so I had mentally prepared myself for the quirkiness that was sure to await me. But to my surprise… the quirkiness was not terribly overwhelming! In fact, I kind of enjoyed seeing the lime green bearded man, the woman dressed as a tree on stilts, and even the Halloween pre-gamers!

I was honestly surprised by how much there was to do in Asheville! I was able to sight-see, go downtown, hike, visit the Biltmore (stay tuned for that post), and go to the local wineries/breweries, but still hadn’t crossed everything off from my list. Now that is not to say Asheville is nearly as big as Atlanta, but is still comparable to the size of Savannah.

One place in particular worth mentioning is the North Carolina’s Arboretum. I don’t know what it is about the gardens, but I felt like a heroine from a classic Jane Austen novel. If you are in that area, take a drive and see for yourself!

I’m looking for another place to travel to soon, so please leave me a comment below with any of your suggestions!
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