Boxycharm Unboxing – November Edition

Life has been crazy, to say the least. Within the month of November, I have not only moved into a new apartment but have also received a job promotion. Blessings do not go unnoticed, as I am so truly thankful. Unfortunately, I lost my balance in November and other things took precedent in my life. As a result, SincereLee was placed on the back burner. This blog is my way of escaping from my day-to-day routine, where I can divulge myself into my many passions and interests. But instead of dwelling on what we should have done differently, we take one step forward and continue our path without looking back. As Mr. Shakespeare so eloquently put it… without further ado, November’s Boxycharm Unboxing.

If you are not already familiar, Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription service that cost $21.00 each month for 5 full size products. Also, they guarantee a retail value for over $100.00 each box! This month’s box theme is ‘Sweater Weather’ and is definitely giving the fall vibes! If you are interested in checking out this awesome brand, click here.


Check out my thoughts on each of this month’s products below!





Cover FX – Illuminating Setting Spray

“A quick drying setting spray that sets makeup for all day wear and imparts instant, all-over illumination.  It’s alcohol free, so it’s not drying to the skin.”

The one product that I anticipated the most, let me down the hardest. I wanted to love this setting spray for so many reasons but I came to the ultimate decision that it just doesn’t suit well with me and my skin. On the Cover FX website, they claim that this setting spray is used for all skin types; well, they have obviously never met anyone that suffers from oiliness, because the luminosity from this spray further enhanced my natural oils and sheen (shiny disco ball to be exact). As far as longevity, I really didn’t notice a huge difference on how well my foundation wore throughout the day. If you like having little specs of glitter on your face, this is the setting spray for you; if you are a hot oily mess, run the other way.



Luxie Beauty Quad Eye Travel Set

I’m never disappointed with Luxie Brushes – They are truly the best! I do have to say the brush that I have found myself using the most is the 221T Flat Definer Brush. I love that the bristles are soft but precise, compared to other definer brushes that feel like you will poke your eye out!



KNC Beauty All Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask, Set of 3

“Our formula blends moisturizing rose flower oil, cherry extract and vitamin E for a gorgeous pout from the inside out. You feel that tingle at the end? Yeah, that’s that the collagen kicking in— going to work to give you that full, enviable look. Not only does it hydrate and plump, the deep conditioning mask will 100% change your lipstick game—acting as a smooth primer for all your favorite shades.”

I not only tried this on myself, but also got ‘A’ to volunteer. I will say, it’s definitely a gimmick. I had a difficult time enduring through the gooey texture and keeping it on my lips as it slid off, a lot. However, there was one true claim and that was the tingling feeling when removing the mask. In fact, ‘A’ felt the tingling for a couple of minutes afterward. In other words, pass on this lip mask and save your $15.00 for something that is more worth it.



Winky Lux Kitten Palette

“Inspired by the velvety feel of our feline friends these ultra soft shadows glide on like a dream. The universally flattering collection of shades makes this palette as lovable as a kitten.”

This palette has quickly become one of my most used eye shadow palettes for either a subtle golden look or a deep burgundy sheen look. Inside the palette their are four different finishes: holographic, matte, satin, and glitter. ‘Duchess’, ‘Strut’, ‘Cateye’, and ‘Boots’ are beautiful and are most definitely my most used shades!




Laqa & Co. Cloud Lips in Storm

“Surprisingly fluffy, Cloud Lips Airy Matte Lipstick delivers full coverage color for a pillow-soft pout. Available in 4 high-pigment shades, these lipsticks were formulated to last all day without feeling stiff thanks to avocado oil. “

This lipstick is creamy and highly-pigmented – in fact, it stained my lips after only a few minutes of wear! The only con I found when wearing this lipstick was how slippery it felt. I was very aware cautious of the pigment transferring on the outside of my natural lip line and smearing across my face, even with the use of a lip liner. Bonus feature: Laqa & Co is cruelty-free!!


The overall cost for this month’s box was at a grand total of $120.00 – I don’t know about you but that is pretty amazing considering I only paid $21.00 for the box, including shipping.


Please leave me a comment below sharing what products you enjoyed most in this month’s Boxycharm. And if you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to my blog so you never miss a new post!

As always, thank you for stopping by and until next time…






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