Review: Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Foundation

Hope you all are enjoying your hump day – Wednesday’s are my second favorite day in the week – 1.) I was born on a Wednesday, 2.) Wednesday means there is only 2 more days until the weekend!




Today I am reviewing Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Liquid Foundation. I’ve always been curious to see how this foundation would wear on my skin. Most of Neutrogena’s products have worked out pretty well for me in the past, so I had high hopes for this foundation! On the Neutrogena’s website, the claims are:

“Our silky, lightweight formula provides flawless makeup coverage for a perfectly natural look. The Broad Spectrum SPF 20 formula, with an exclusive antioxidant blend, works to visibly improve luminosity, tone and texture for healthier looking skin.”



My shade is Classic Ivory, which is apparently the lightest shade on their website. I purchased my foundation from my local drugstore and found that there was not much of a selection, but after looking online, it looks like there is a total of 14 shades to choose from. This foundation is definitely not POC-friendly; there are only 4 shades that are considered their “deeper” foundation shades. I will say that I have seen a worst shade selection from the drugstore, but this is by far not the best either.

This product cost approximately $14.59 in most locations. Neutrogena products are one of the more expensive brands at the drugstore. If you are anything like myself, when a foundation cost more – I expect it to do more.

While the SPF 20 is a great benefit to have in your facial products, it’s not so appealing for flash photography. So keep this in mind if you are planning on taking photos throughout the day.


Keep scrolling to see how the foundation wore throughout the day and my final thoughts on Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Foundation:



8:30 am: About an hour after application, my foundation was looking pretty good with no complaints. I did have a slight sheen/glow but nothing noticeable. There is a decent amount of coverage, but is definitely not full coverage. I did find that my powder products went on pretty smoothly and didn’t cause any patchiness.



12:00 pm: Around noon I could feel the oils peaking through. I did my usual blotting and re-powdering at this time but could already visually see where the foundation was beginning to separate on my face.

7:00 pm: The foundation was very uncomfortable at this point. Less than 12 hours of wear and this foundation literally felt as if it was trying to escape from my face. When ‘A’ got home, I asked him what he thought of my makeup and without hesitation he began to laugh. He then asked me to go remove the foundation so he won’t be “distracted” when talking to me.




Final Thoughts: I will say, I have tried worse foundations. However, with that being said… This foundation is not oily-skin friendly. I think it would work best for someone that has more of a dry-combination skin type rather than my oil-frenzy skin type. It did apply beautifully initially and the shade was a great match to my skin tone, but ultimately this foundation just could not last throughout the day (even with my Dr. Brandt PoresNoMore primer and a mattifying primer). The main issues that I found were patchiness around my chin and nose from where the foundation began to get cakey and the lack of opacity in the foundation as it began to wear off. You can definitely see where my glasses sat on the bridges of my nose. But, I think I will give this foundation another try in the summer time to see if there is any differences in the wear time with the changing of the seasons and will officially declare this foundation a hit or miss!


That’s it for today’s post, and I hope you all enjoyed it!


Until next time…



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