DIY: Homemade Febreze™

Today’s post is about how to make your own Homemade Febreze™ or air refreshing spray. In my house, candles or incense are always being burned… and replaced, on a regular basis. Sometimes, it is just simpler to whip out the Febreze™ and spray the room down to give it a quick sprucing.

This DIY is great if you are on a budget and cannot afford name brand air fresheners, or even if you have ran out and haven’t had the chance to repurchase any. Plus, it’s super simple and anyone can do it!


What you’ll need:

  • Spray Bottle
  • Water
  • Carrier oil(s)
  • Essential oil(s)



How to:

  1. Get a spray bottle of whatever size you’d prefer. I personally had a mini glass bottle lying around and decided to use this. If you’ve ran out of your store-bought air freshening spray, then reuse & recycle it for this purpose! I bought my glass spray bottle from a store called ‘Earthbound’ which is where I usually get my essential oils & incense, but you can totally get a spray bottle from your local drugstore, the dollar store, etc (anywhere basically & they are usually pretty cheap!).
  2. You’ll definitely need some H2O! I fill my bottle up about 97% with water – the more water the better.
  3. Next, you will need to add in a carrier oil of your choosing to act as your medium. Carrier oils help to dilute the concentration of the essential oils so that they are not so strong and potent. Also, essential oils evaporate quickly, so by adding in a carrier oil you are making your solution last longer. Some carrier oils you can use are: Coconut, Sweet Almond, or Jojoba oil. I personally use Coconut oil. Make sure to add about 2% of oil to your mixture in the spray bottle.
  4. Lastly, pick an essential oil to add to your mixture. I personally love Lavender and Peppermint (sometimes even mixed together); both help to give my home a very soothing and relaxing feel. Deciding which oil is completely subjective and up to you! You can get essential oils from Walmart, on Amazon, etc.


When you have added in all of your ingredients, tightly screw on the cap/lid and shake up the solution to mix the ingredients thoroughly. You will need to give it a shake each time before use, because the oils with settle on top of the water and will not mix. Once mixed, your ready to begin spraying!

Tip: If you use Lavender oil in your solution, spray a little on your pillows to get a better night’s sleep!


As always, thanks for stopping by and until next time…




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