Ipsy Bag: March Edition

Happy 2nd Day of Spring!

I have never wanted to be one of those people that trash brands or subscription services, but here lately, it has been a struggle not too. Ipsy has disappointed me these past couple of months, especially last month. It felt like they were just putting “filler products” in the bags and not really trying to cater to the buyer or even stay current on trends. Last month by bag was so disappointing that I didn’t create a post, mainly because I had nothing good to say about it and I didn’t want to come across in a harsh way.

All of that to say… They have redeemed themselves and have made me a pleased costumer again (thank goodness). For the most part, I can see myself using a decent amount of these products and am so excited to try them all!

For those of you that are not familiar with Ipsy, Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service that cost $10.00 each month. You get 5 travel size items that can be either beauty, skincare, hair care, or nail care related. If you are interested, you can check out Ipsy here.

Check out this month’s bag & the products/items that I received this month below:




The idea behind the design of this month’s bag was to “unleash creativity”. While I can appreciate the refreshing new perspective, it’s gonna be a hard pass for me. Providing two markers with the bag seems a bit contradicting when you are claiming to “unleash” creativity. In general, I think this was catered more so to a certain age group, and in that sense I can see how this would work well. However, I will say (all harshness aside), Ipsy gets an ‘A’ for effort in trying to be innovative; it truly is refreshing and appreciated.


Cream Pigment Eyeshadow in ‘Shine’

We’ve received a single eyeshadow from this brand in a previous Ipsy bag. The formula is very creamy and highly pigmented. I can definitely see myself using this eyeshadow in the summer time!

City Color Cosmetics
Glow Duo

We also have received some products from this brand in past bags. Overall, I love the brand and think they have great formulas that are very pigmented (especially the blushes). However, I am a little let down with this product. The cream highlight (lightest) has a greasy consistency, which would be disastrous on my oily skin, and the powder highlight (darkest) is too dark for my skin tone and could be used almost as a bronzer. This product confuses me, and is going to be a waste as I will not be using it. It’s been relocated to the donation bid :/


Balm Dotcom in Coconut

I was surprised to find out that this was in our bag this month! I have never tried any products from Glossier, and honestly have been a little hesitant to because they cater more to a natural- glow… not a long lasting matte finish, much like I prefer. I am a little disappointed that I didn’t receive the Mint or Rose flavor, as the taste of Coconut is not as appealing to me, but overall I am still very excited to get to try this out!


Skone Cosmetics
Large Shadow Brush

Ipsy is really good about including high-quality brushes very often in each month’s bag. Which is pretty exciting because I hate shopping for makeup brushes – plus, they can tend to get pricy!


Benefit Cosmetics
Bad Girl Bang Mascara

What an awesome and huge surprise this was! Receiving this newly released mascara in the bag this month pretty much makes up for the duds we received last month and the month before! Overall, I am most excited to try out this mascara and to see what all of the hype is about!


Leave me a comment below sharing what you received this month from Ipsy – I’m curious to know if everyone received the mascara and lip balm 🙂


As always, thank you so much for stopping by & until next time…





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