Boxycharm Unboxing: April Edition

For those that are not already familiar, Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription service that cost $21.00 each month for 5 full size products. And what’s even better is that each month it is a guarantee you will receive a retail value for over $100.00 per box! This month’s theme is ‘Eye Candy’ and is probably one of my favorite boxes so far! If you are interested in seeing the previous boxes, click here to see my March and February’s post!

(Side note: I’m really loving the pamphlet this month. It’s definitely new, because in previous boxes we only received a card with the month’s theme on the front and the product details on the back. I’m not sure if this is a one time thing or if they are continuing this for the month’s ahead. Either way, I’m a fan!)

Check out the products and what I thought about them below!

MAC Cosmetics
Liptensity Lipstick in Dionysus

“A brilliant formula that pushes the boundaries of colour. Each lipstick holds intense amounts of pigment, resulting in extreme colour intensity, clarity and vibrancy. This luxurious gelled base melts on contact, providing fully saturated colour with a satin finish in one stroke.”

First Impression: This lipstick is extremely pigmented, no doubt there! In fact, after swatching it on the back of my hand and leaving it there for only a few seconds, I found it to stain my skin in that short of time. It’s very unlikely that I will get much use out of this lipstick, only because it is such a dark color and has a slippery formula. Within an hour’s wear, you can probably expect this beautiful, yet unforgiving, red lipstick to be smeared around your face. A dry liquid lip in this pigment is the way to go.

Element of Surprise Eyeshadow Palette

“The perfect mix of edgy dramatic with a girly twist and bold pops of colour, this baby has you covered for the season. Our first palette with all four finishes: matte, metallic, satin, and duochrome, make it so easy to shake up the scene.”

First Impression: Not one, but five variations of Colourpop palettes are in this month’s Boxycharm. The other four palettes, besides Element of Surprise, are My Little Pony, You Had Me At Hello, Semi-Precious, and Golden State of Mind. Even though the other four palettes are equally as great, I am really glad that I received this one – I don’t have anything else like it in my collection! I will say, the pan size in the palettes are significantly smaller than Colourpop’s individual shadows but you are getting a better deal when purchasing the palette. 12 shades for $16.00 comes out to less than $2.00 per shadow versus the individual shades that cost $5.00 each. So if you find a Colourpop palette that fits what you are looking for, I highly recommend picking one up!

Dr. Brandt
Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner

“This award-winning, pore refining mask is an extraction specialist – unclogging and tightening the look of pores and reducing excess oil from the skin’s surface.”

First Impression: This is the third Dr. Brandt’s product that we have received in Boxycharm and so far I have not been let down by this brand! This item is full-sized, which surprised me because of how little it actually is. I have only been apply to test out this product once which was prior to applying my makeup yesterday, so I haven’t formed a solid opinion on whether or not it truly deep cleans and tightens the pores. What I can say so far is that I don’t have a mask like this in my collection. My other pore cleansing and tightening mask are thick and aggressive, while this product is thin and calming. I’m really excited to put these claims to the test!

The Browgal
Instatint – Tinted Eyebrow Gel

“Tinted eyebrow gel with microfibers to achieve a natural hair look. Perfect for the customer who wants a quick, but natural fill to their brows.”

First Impression: Let me first say, I am so glad that we finally received a brow product in a monthly beauty subscription because it is unfortunately not something that comes often enough! The last brow product that we received a couple of months ago was from IT Cosmetics and I have almost used it up entirely. With all of that being said, I am a little disappointed in the shade match; I received “Light Hair 03”, which is basically a match for someone that has blonde hair. I do like that the process is fast and simple, which I love, but I may have to look into getting a deeper shade to match with my hair color.

SL Miss Glam
Brush Duo

“This duo eye brush set is made with pink and lilac love. This eyeshadow brush and eye beauty blender are the very best quality eye brushes from the SLMissGlam collection.”

First Impression: I think I have received a crease brush from this brand in one of my previous Ipsy bag’s a while ago, and honestly use it just about every day. This bristles on both brushes are incredibly soft but dense enough to really pack on the pigment. These brushes will soon become a staple for me when reaching for a blending brush or a shader brush!

Overall, the total retail value of this month’s box was: $144.50!

So what are you waiting for?? Go check out Boxycharm today and sign up before it’s too late! Currently the waitlist has been lifted, but who knows for how long!

As always, thanks for stopping by and until next time…




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