My Trip To Charleston

Here lately work has become a little too stressful, and unfortunately, worry and anxiety has overcomed me, but thankfully I was able to escape from reality for a few days with my cousins. I have found that a girls trip is always a good remedy. Even though Charleston is only a few hours away from my home, it was the perfect place to help me unwind. Last time I visited Charleston, it was in the middle of July and I dreaded every minute (…and I thought Georgia was hot!?). This time, it’s the end of Winter transitioning into the beginning of Spring, therefore, I am giving this old southern city a second thought.

On the agenda was a little wedding planning and good ole Charleston Fashion Week. In between times, we got to sight see some of the smaller towns nearby, old forts, explored tasty restaurants, and walked King Street!




Isles of Palms Resort


(Charleston Fashion Week)

(Fort Multrie)

(Southern Protocol Wedding Boutique)

(Lovely Bride Wedding Boutique)

(Breakfast at Café Framboise)


(Pizzeria Di Giovanni aka Best Pizza In The World)

(Page’s Okra Grill & good ole Shrimp & Grits)



Hard to resist… Puppies for sale on King Street… Look at those eyes!



As always, thanks for stopping by and until next time…





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