Ipsy Bag: April Edition

Okay, I know I have been a little hard on Ipsy for the past couple of months, but I honestly feel like they have truly redeemed themselves last month and this month. They are finally getting a little bit more creative and putting decent products in the bags, which makes the service worth it. I think I will purchase another year after all!


For those that are not familiar, Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that cost $10.00 each month. You get 5 travel size items that can be either beauty, skincare, hair care, or nail care related. If you are interested, you check out Ipsy here. 


Check out this month’s bag & the products/ items that I received this month below:

The bag is super cute this month with simple Spring-inspired butterflies and accented with a pink metallic trimming!



Pore Tightening Pearl Clay Mask

Unfortunately I suffer from large pores and I am constantly on the hunt for the best product to help reduce their size. I have used this facial mask twice so far and I have to say that I didn’t necessarily see any huge differences with the size of my pores. I will continue to test it out, but on a first impression… I’m not impressed :/

NYX Cosmetics
Soft Matte Lip Cream in shade Milan

I owe about 10 of NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream (my fav is London, aka, the perfect nude), but luckily, I don’t owe the shade Milan! First of all, I love how all of the Soft Matte line is named after cities around the world; second of all, it’s not a liquid lipstick but it’s also not a lipstick, so don’t be confused. This shade is a bit too pink for me, but I think if I mix it with another pre-owned Soft Matte Lip Cream it should be muted enough to be considered wearable for my liking. Formula is creamy, and long-lasting – completely wearable and easy to apply!


Trust Fund Beauty
That Liquid Glo Tho Liquid Highlighter

I’m not a huge fan of liquid highlighters… or any liquid products (besides foundation & concealer) for that matter. I have tried this under & on top of my foundation and have found it to be rather intense regardless of how I apply (i.e., my fingers, a sponge, or a brush). I will say the actual shade is beautiful and very wearable for my skin tone, but it is just too intense for me.


Meech & Mia Shadows
Loose Eyeshadow in shade Copper

Loose eyeshadow… Friend, or Foe? TBD. Beautiful shade and pigment, but almost too messy to be worth it. I’m not the type to whip out some MAC Fix+ and am pretty lazy when it comes to metallic or shimmery eyeshadows. So, this might be a hard pass for me.



Concealer Brush

I have said it before, and I will say it again, brushes are my absolute favorite product to get in beauty subscription services! Previously I was using a sponge to apply my concealer and my finger to spot conceal… real fancy, I know. But after trying out this brush, I honestly haven’t applied my concealer any other way! It’s dense enough to provide coverage, and doesn’t leave those annoying streaks. This brush has quickly become my fav and go-to.


Leave me a comment below sharing what your favorites were from this month’s bag :)\


As always, thank you so much for stopping by & until next time…








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