June Favorites

Below are all the products that I was obsessed with throughout the month of June. Some are new releases, while others are old forgotten favorites!

Hope you enjoy 🙂





Profusion Brighter Than Your Future Highlight Palette

Why I Love It: I feel like this brand doesn’t get the hype that it truly deserves! I found this palette stowed away in the beauty section at TJMAXX, and have fallen in love with it. There are 5 different highlighter shades to choose from and each can accommodate most skin tones. I have worn 3 out of the 5 shades, and have actually made my own highlighter cocktail from those 3 shades! The pigmentation is beautiful and very metallic. This highlighter palette is not for the subtle-hearts.



Alamar Cosmetics Vol. 1 Eyeshadow Palette

Why I Love It: Creator & founder, Gabby Trujillo (insta: gabyteemua), got her inspiration for this palette from Cuba & the Cuban culture. This is Gabby’s 1st palette, which is incredible because the quality is better than more well-known brands! The matte and metallic shades are super pigmented & long lasting, so no primer is needed with these eyeshadows & that is coming from someone who suffers from oily eyelids!



KL Polish in shade ‘South Peach’

Why I Love It: Created by KathleenLights, ‘South Peach’ was the main color on my nails throughout the entire month of June! The color is beautiful during spring and summer time & is pretty opaque just after one swipe! I love KL Polish because it last for a longer time on my nails and doesn’t seem to chip as quickly as other nail polishes do. Also, there is so much of a selection to choose from – you’ll never get bored!



Sol De Janeiro Brazilian BumBum Lotion (Purse Size)

Why I Love It: I received this body lotion in my June Boxycharm & literally used up majority of it within a 2 week time span. Every time I would go into Sephora, I would make my way over to the tester for this lotion & simply lather it onto my skin with no shame whatsoever! But I could never bring myself to purchase the large container because of how expensive it is, especially considering I usually buy my $10 lotion from Walmart. But Boxycharm has officially sold me on the Sol De Janeiro Brazilian BumBum Lotion; I will be repurchasing it when it is completely gone… which will probably be later on this evening!



Luxie 516 Duo Fibre Powder Brush

Why I Love It: Another product that came in the June box from Boxycharm! Not sure exactly how this brush was initially intended to be used, but I have found use for it when contouring my cheekbones, nose, & under my bottom lip. Because of the duo fibers in the bristles, the application isn’t harsh or packed on to on area, but instead is diffused beautifully. This brush would also be great for applying cream products also!



Wet N Wild’s ColorIcon Bronzer

Why I Love It: This is an old favorite that I pulled out from the back of the drawer! I was reminded in June of how much I loved this product. This bronzer gives the perfect amount of sunless bronze with a red tint & barely noticeable shimmer! I have to be careful & remember to keep a light hand with this product, because it’s super easy to go overboard. If you haven’t tried this bronzer, go to your local pharmacy, Walmart, ulta, and pick this up; it’s inexpensive, great in quantity & quality!



Covergirl’s Clean Matte BB Cream

Why I Love It: This product is also an old favorite! This is the only foundation from Covergirl that I have truly loved. This is perfect for the summer months down in GA because it is lightweight, keeps me matte, & has a medium coverage! The only thing that kind of sucks, even in the summer time, is the shade range. This shade is suppose to be “Light to Medium”, but once it oxidizes, it turns into a solid medium shade. Luckily, I had somewhat more color than usual in June!



Lancôme’s Monsieur Big Mascara

Why I Love It: I received so many compliments when wearing this mascara in the month of June! This mascara makes your lashes so intense with volume and thickness that they look like you’re wearing false eyelashes! Even though the formula is a little drying, I didn’t notice an excessive amount of flaking or transfer like I usually would with other dry-formula mascaras. This mascara is worth the $25 price tag, & has made it to my holy grail status!


That’s it for my favorites in the month of June! What products were you loving last month? Leave me a comment below!


As always, thanks for stopping by and until next time…






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