Review: Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Foundation


Hope you all are having a very relaxed Sunday! It’s hard to believe the weekend has already come & gone!? Two days is simply just not enough time for me to re-coop from the work week… But atlas, we take each day as a fortunate one & appreciate the time we have 🙂

This weekend I decided to put a foundation to the test, & as you can probably tell by the title of this post, we are reviewing Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Foundation! This is by far not a new foundation but one that has been sitting in my collection waiting to be tested. Most foundations claiming a “healthy” appearance are actually formulated to give a natural glow to the skin, which is ideal for most; however for us oily-skinned girls who already have an abundance of natural glow, this can make us run in the opposite direction! But what better time to test out a lightweight, natural, healthy foundation, especially in this 70% humidity here in the south!



“Our silky, lightweight formula provides flawless makeup coverage for a perfectly natural look. The broad spectrum SPF 20 formula, with an exclusive antioxidant blend, works to visibly improve luminosity, tone, and texture for healthier lookin skin.”

Active Ingredient:

  • Titanium Dioxide 2.4% (Sunscreen)

Shade Range: 

  • 13 shades total; Not very impression in their shade range. If you are darker than a medium skin tone, you won’t find a shade match with this foundation.


  • $14.59; The price is fairly typical for Neutrogena, as they are one of the higher-end brands found in the drugstore.



12:00 pm

Initial Application & First Impression: 

  • Before setting with a powder, the foundation had a slight dewiness that wasn’t unbearable. If you are someone you loves full coverage, this foundation might be a pass for you; even with two layers, the foundation gave a medium coverage to the skin. You can still see my freckles & imperfections through the foundation, but I prefer a more lightweight than heavy formula. Overall, the natural appearance from the foundation was nice and wearable.



8:00 pm

Final Thoughts: 

  • After wearing this foundation for 8 hours, it’s safe to say you most definitely need a primer to help with the longevity and wear-time, but as well, you will need blotting sheets & mattifying powder if you have oily-skin like myself! This foundation is by far not the worst that I have ever tested, but it is certainly not the greatest. From far away, it actually looked pretty good & even the Boyfriend commented on it! However after inspecting closer up, I noticed places of patchiness & where the foundation had worn off completely. I will say what made this foundation not so terrible, is the fact that it has a lightweight formula. If this foundation had been a fuller/ heavier coverage, the patchiness & spots that are missing some of the foundation altogether would have been much more noticeable! Just to compare, I will probably bring out this foundation again in the winter time to see if there are any differences in the wear-time & overall appearance!

Have you tried Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Foundation? Did you like it or hate it? Let me know down below!

As always, thank you for stopping by & until next time…




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