Ipsy Bag: September Edition

For anyone who isn’t already familiar, Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that cost $10.00 each month. You get 5 travel size items that can be either beauty, skincare, hair care, or nail care related. You can check out Ipsy here or check out what products I received last month!


This month’s Glam Bag is super cute & chic! 


Keep scrolling to read my first impression of each product in this month’s Glam Bag!


Facial Moisturizing Cream – Vanilla & Aloe

“Creamy and lightweight, this moisturizer soaks right into your skin, leaving it super soft, smooth, and ready for makeup application.”

First Impression: I was initially not looking forward to this product simply because of that 4 letter word that makes every oily-skinned girl cringe… “GLOW”. Thankfully, the glow that this moisturizer gives is more of a “glow-from-within” or a healthy glow, rather than the strobing glow that has been trending lately. So far, I have worn this moisturizer alone and under some of my HG foundations, and have loved the results so far! I didn’t produce as much oil throughout the day and my face products blended smoothly over the moisturizer!


Translucent Powder

“It blots shine, absorbs oil, and keeps you makeup looking fresh for hours – It sets foundation and concealer while mattifying your skin and blurring imperfections.”

First Impression: I’m not quite sure where they came up with “translucent” when describing this product, as it is quite shimmery with a pearlescent glow. In fact, I actually tried out this product as a natural-looking highlighter (more suitable for fair to pale skin), and it was beautiful. I personally will not try it out as a facial powder due to the shimmer in it. I also think it is a little contradicting to have a shimmery powder that claims to blot shine, absorb oil, and mattify the skin. I’m almost convinced the claims were meant for another product, as there is no way this pearlescent glowing powder does all that LUNA BY LUNA claims.


Nail Polish in Kiss Kiss Darling

“It’s insanely opaque, super-pigmented, long-lasting and chip resistant.”

First Impression: Despite it’s condition upon arrival, this nail polish is beautiful and perfect for fall. I have already put it to the test for up to a week, and didn’t find it to last any longer than my other polishes. (Side note: Thanks to my anxiety, I tend to pick at my nail polish so it never had a chance to begin with – I am the only one who has this weird habit??).


Single Eyeshadow in Ursula

“Highly-pigmented eyeshadow is micro-milled for color that blends easily and won’t crease up on you. One sweep and this formula will last for hours and hours – no touch up needed.”

First Impression: Fun fact…. I loath purple. So if you’re reading this Ipsy, any color will do… just stop with the purple, please and thank you.


Wonder Woman Detail Tapered Blender 140

“The synthetic bristles are soft and light yet pick up just the right amount of product with ease. The pointed brush head is great for targeting small areas (like applying concealer to your undereyes and innerd corners of your nose).”

First Impression: So far, I have tried to use this brush to blend out my concealer and even to set my concealer, but honestly, feel like it is a bit too small for that purpose. I might try to use it as a nose contouring brush, but as of now, it doesn’t serve any particular purpose. I will say… just having the Wonder Woman logo printed on the brush handle sold me. Anyone else a huge Wonder Woman fan???


That’s all of the products I received in the September Ipsy Glam Bag! What products did you all get this month in your Glam Bags? Did you have the same products as me or did you get something different? Let me know down below!


As always, thank you for stopping by and until next time…




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