My Current Bronzer Collection



When I first started hoarding collecting my makeup collection, I had one bronzer. Even now I would consider my collection to be pretty minimal, in comparison to some, but a little more than the average. Some of my bronzers I received through beauty subsribtion services, while others I bought from the drugstore, Ulta, or TJ Maxx. I have a few of my go-to’s that I’ve hit pan on and others that I don’t show nearly as much attention to.





Swatches below! 🙂



Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer Waterproof // Shade: 020 Sunshine



NARS Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer // Shade: Laguna



theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer Bronzer



Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics // Shade: Sun Kissed Snitch



Milani Bronzer XL All Over Glow



Lisa Frank x Glamour Dolls Bronzer // Shade: Bitten



Pop Sugar Contour and Bronzer



Milani Baked Bronzer // Shade: Soleil



NARS Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer // Shade: Seaside






9 thoughts on “My Current Bronzer Collection

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  2. V says:

    I’m relatively uninformed when it comes to makeup. I do have some questions though. Do you think I might be able to ask them to you? They’re specific to bronzer/contour.


      • V says:

        Okay, so I have pasty white skin. Like… I’m very, very, very white and can sunburn in a matter of five minutes if I go outside. The idea of bronzer always scares me because my skin’s two tones are pasty white or lobster red from sunburn.

        I’ve often thought about contour though, because people say it would define my cheekbones.

        What kind of contour would I look for? I see so often that bronzers would just make my face look… muddy, because I’m so white and they seem so… orange’ish.

        Basically, what’s a good contour for someone who’s pasty white with pink undertones and wants to… enhance the appearance of cheekbones without making it look like I’m wearing bronzer.

        I just rambled a lot. I hope that makes sense. I’m sorry for rambling so much.


        • Sincere Lee says:

          I have a similar problem in the winter season! There are a lot of great contours out there that dont pull orange or are not a bronzer & contour, which often pull more warm. You’ll need to look for a cool tone product as I’m assuming you probably have a blue or pink undertone to your skin. A YouTube I love watching & trust for product recommendations is Thataylaa. Shes a “pale princess” & has selections from drugstore & highend. Two drugstore products that I personally love during the winter months when my skin color is at its whitest is Maybelline City Color Bronzer in the lightest shade & Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in its lightest shade. Both of these products can interchange from bronzer & contour & subtle. Also, try using a smaller, more precise brush first (to contour), then go in with a larger brush over top (to “bronze”). Hope this helps!


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