I Won A Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

Hope y’alls new year is off to a fresh start! Did any of you make a new years resolution? I try not to make a NY’s resolution because I’m scared I am setting myself up for failure… so, I try to trick myself instead LOL.

I’m telling myself that I am going to “be better” about my eating habits. I’m not taking on any special diet nor am I giving myself a deadline. I’m just focusing on making good decisions with my eating habits, and not downing myself when I don’t. It seemed to work for the most part last year, though I somehow always find a way to beat myself up for not doing enough, which I’m assuming is just a result of me comparing myself too much to others. Anyone else this way?

To digress….

Right before Christmas I won a giveaway hosted by Colourpop Cosmetics, Fourth Ray Beauty, and SOL Bodyon Twitter! šŸ™‚


I have loved Colourpop since I first discovered the indie brand back in 2014, and have made at least 5 purchases off of their website. Now that they are sold at Ulta, I tend to go there to purchase some of their best sellers. Some of my favorite products that Colourpop sells is there eyeshadow palettes, their infamous super shock single shadows, and all of their lip products!

Fourth Ray Beauty & SOL Body are sister companies to Colourpop, and are managed by the same people. Up until this point, I have never tried any products from either of the two companies but have seen and heard reviews about both of them. Fourth Ray Beauty is a skincare company that focuses on clean and simple ingredients, while remaining cruelty-free, like Colourpop. SOL Body is basically body care company that sells products like self tanner, dry oil, body highlighters and bronzers. And from what I can tell, they both seem to follow Colourpop’s affordable price point!

In this giveaway, I won:


  • Smoke Show Pressed Eyeshadow Palette
  • 2 Super Shock Shadows
  • Super Shock Cheek
  • Lippie Balm
  • Creme Gel Liner
  • Bff Volumizing Mascara
  • Lippie Scrub
  • Pressed Glitter
  • Creme Gel Colour
  • Ultra Glossy Lip
  • Heavy Metal Super Shock Shadow Trio
  • A Clear & Silver Makeup Bag

Fourth Ray Beauty’s

  • After Hours Detox Face Oil
  • Go Coconuts Face Milk
  • Rain Fall 2% Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  • BFD Cleansing Oil
  • A Face Roller
  • 3 Silky Scrunchies

SOL Body

  • Shimmering Dry Oil


So far I have gotten to try out most of the products from Fourth Ray Beauty, and have liked just about all of them! Since it’s skincare, I won’t really know how well they perform until I’ve used up the products. If y’all are interested in a review on the products I received, let me know and I can do one in a couple of weeks!





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