Colourpop’s No Filter Matte Foundation | Review & Wear Test

Hi Everyone!

Today I am back with another foundation wear test & review! I recently did a Colourpop Haul & purchased the No Filter Matte Foundation, along with their new Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer. This is definitely not a new release by any means, but is certainly new to me!

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Our oil-free, buildable full coverage foundation was formulated with soft blurring pigments to give you a natrual matte finish. No filter needed.

– Colourpop

This foundation retails for $12.00 and appears to come in a nice variety of shade ranges. Their shades are organized by Skintone: Fair, Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark, & Deep Dark, & by Undertone: Neutral, Warm, & Cool. They also recently renamed a few of their shade names after releasing more shades to the collection. I decided to go with the Light undertone instead of the Fair Undertone, as I figured I rather be a little darker than too ghostly. Within the Light Undertone category, I selected the Warm Undertone… which was my downfall. In no way, nor have I ever been, considered to have a warm undertone. I actually fall under the Neutral category, not too yellow – not too pink, which would have been a better match for me overall. I’m assuming my shade match would have most likely been closer to Light 45 or Light 60, or even possibly Fair 35. But alas, we have Light 50, which is described as a warm foundation with yellow undertones for light skin tones.

Even though I fully appreciate having the vast selection of shades to choose from, I find it overwhelming to find my perfect match. As I stated before, there is most likely 3 to 4 shades that could be my correct match but I would envitably have to try each to figure out which shade is the closest fit to my undertone. Fortunately, Colourpop is sold at Ulta, which means that consumers can swatch the shades in stores before purchasing. I, of course, purchased this foundation off of Colourpop’s website, so it was a guessing game.

As for packaging, this foundation is packaged in a glass bottle with a plastic pump on top. To be only $12, the packaging does feel more high-end because of the glass bottle. But I actually tend to prefer non-glass bottles, mostly because I am super accident-prone & drop everything. As well, there isn’t a cap for the pump. As you see in the photo, is how the foundation came in the mail. To lock & unlock the pump, you simply twist it from left to right. While I can understand the need for simplicity in the packaging, I think overall, it’s just worth it to add the cap. Even after twisting the pump, there is still foundation leakage from the nozzle, & since there isn’t a cap, not only does the packaging get messy but also anything next to it does as well. So needless to say, I would personally never bring this foundation with me on a trip.

Upon application, the foundation blends beautifully with a dampened sponge or brush. For personal preference, I like to brush on the foundation first & then follow up with the dampended sponge to ensure everything is blended nicely. With only one application of the foundation, the coverage is light to medium, but can be buildt up to a fuller coverage, as desired. During the initial application, you can see the blurring technology that is described in their claims. The foundation doesn’t enhance the look of pores or fine lines & gives a blurred appearance to the skin.

Initial application

Now for what you all have been waiting for… the wear test.

I tried this foundation for a full week, giving it the benefit of the doubt, trying it with different primers, powders, & even applying it with different brushes. Sadly this foundation doesn’t last long on my oily skin… and we are in the winter season – I can only imagine the hot mess this would be in the summer time! Each day, I wore this foundation for at least 8 hours during my normal work day. I have a desk job, so there isn’t much variables at play while at work. Around noon, I was pretty dewy & needed a touch up with blotting sheets, as well as applying additional powder. Around the 8 hour mark, it looked like I hadn’t even touched up the foundation around noon.

After 5 hours of wear
After 5 hours of wear

By the end of each day I couldn’t wait to take off my makeup. I am someone that cannot stand the feeling of makeup sitting on my skin, and unfortunately this was the case for me. While the foundation never felt heavy or even cakey, it felt as if it was just sitting on my skin as another layer. This foundation is also not transfer proof, & obviously as the day wore on, the more my foundation transferred. By the end of the day, the foundation around my nose & chin had rubbed off almost completely.

After 8 hours of wear
After 8 hours of wear

I am going to continue to try to make this foundation work with different primers & setting powders, but overall I am disappointed in how it wore throughout the day on my oily skin 😦

Have any of you tried the No Filter Matte Foundation from Colourpop? Did you love it or hate it? Let me know down below.




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