90-Day No-Buy

With the hustle & bustle from the holidays out of the way & the inevitable spending that comes along with it, I felt the need for a no-buy. This in it’s self, frightens me. FOMO is real y’all.

My plan hope is to go on a 90-day no-buy for anything beauty, fashion, hair, even (unneccessary) skincare- related items. So obviously I will be avoiding TJ Maxx as if it were the plague! I’m hoping that by putting this out on the web, I will keep myself more accountable & will follow through for the full 3 months.

I’ve come to the point where I have found that I am neglecting products that I have either purchased myself or products that were given to me. So instead of focusing on using that one product, I’ve found that I’m using several products & not loving each enough individually to get the money’s worth out of it. Sort of like the concept of multi-tasking; when you add too many tasks to complete at once, you fall short on sufficiency & execution.

As well, I dread the thought of being wasteful, & unfortunately, products go to waste when you open them & forget them. So to coincide with going on a no-buy, I’m also going to attempt to have some project pans along the way & shopping my own stash to use up products that are already existing in my collection.

So, wish me luck. I’m going to need it :/




7 thoughts on “90-Day No-Buy

  1. You And Me And Cup Of Coffee says:

    That’s an awesome idea! I’m also passionate about reducing the waste and those open jars and bottles of beauty products that just stand there almost untouched are killing me. My resolution several years ago was to repurchase beauty products only when the previous one is finished. Of course I’ve expanded my beauty routine and sometimes I get duds, but I’ve found ways to either donate those products that didn’t suit me or repurpose them in the household (e.g. using a bad cleansing oil to clean my makeup sponge). And of course I’m excited to see your stash! Love reading your reviews 💖


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