Top 5 Favorite Nail Polishes for Winter


We are officially in the dead of winter here in Georgia, and I can honestly say, I don’t hate it. Here in the south, it’s not often that we can actually wear sweaters & turtlenecks; so I will be soaking up this 40º weather while it last! In honor of this cold, crisp winter, I thought it would be fun to share my top 5 favorite nail polishes to wear during the winter season.

Traditionally, I like to wear nail polish colors that compliment the current season. For instance, in spring I like to wear pastel colors, whereas in fall, I tend to stick to more muted, earthy shades. So for winter, my collection consist of mauves, light blues, whites, and darker tones.

My most reached for nail polish colors are: Sofie by KL Polish, Clothing Optional by Essie, Unfortunate Souls by KL Polish, Havana Nights by KL Polish, & Central Park by KL Polish. Unfortunately, KL Polish no longer exist, so I can’t link these. As pictured from left to right, Sofie is a light, cool-toned blue (Similar) ; Clothing Optional is a mauve nude ; Unfortunate Souls is a muted purple with gray undertones (Similar) ; Havana Nights is a deep burgundy (Similar) ; and Central Park is a deep forest green (Similar). Out of all of these shades listed above, my absolute most reached for shade is… Clothing Optional. I actually tend to wear this polish all year round because it is a mauvey-nude that goes with everything!

What’s your favorite or most reached for nail polish colors for winter?




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