Foundation Review |Clinique’s Even Better Foundation with SPF 15

It feels like it has been forever since I did a foundation review and wear test!! Within the past few months I have basically stopped wearing foundation all together due to wearing a face mask while I’m at work or out and about. In fact, I usually just put on a primer & a little concealer under the eyes & that’s it for the base makeup! But, I have missed trying out new products or even retesting old favorites from my collection.

So today I will be reviewing Clinique’s Even Better Makeup Foundation with SPF 15, and doing a wear test, of course!

Clinique’s skincare products are always items I tend to repurchase, but sadly, I haven’t used enough of their makeup products to say for certain if I love them or not. A couple of years ago I tried out the Beyond Perfecting Foundation because the saleswoman behind the counter said it was great for oily skin, but unfortunately, I remember not liking it too much.

On Clinique’s website, the original Even Better foundation is marketed toward combination, oily, and dry skin types and claims to visibly reduce dark spots in 12 weeks of wearing the foundation. The finish is suppose to be natural, while the overall coverage is moderated/medium. The price of this foundation is $31.00 and comes in a standard 30 ml/1.0 oz bottle.

I bought this foundation at a local Goody’s store near me that was going out of business. So I actually bought this foundation for about $10.00, which is a steal. However, WN 12 Meringue was the closest shade match to me that was left in the store to choose from. On Clinique’s website, WN 12 Meringue is described as Very Fair with Warm Neutral undertones. While I was able to make this work with some extra blending and a little concealer, I would have to disagree with this shade being called “very fair”. The undertones are most definitely warm neutral, but I would categorize this shade in the light shade group versus the fair shade group. Looking at the list of shades available, which by the way are PLENTY, I would probably be a closer shade match to WN 01 Flax (Very Fair, Warm Neutral) or CN 08 Linen (Very Fair, Cool Neutral).

Apparently squeeze tube foundations are a bit controversial; some people adore them, while others loathe them. I actually tend to prefer them. I have dropped far too many glass foundation bottles to be trusted at this point, so plastic packaging is the safest option for me. I will agree that getting all of the product out of this type of container can be really difficult and tendious sometimes, but is still overall the best for being mess-free.

For the purposes of this wear test, I used Clinique’s Pore Refining Solutions Stay-Matte Hydrator as a primer under the foundation and the Stay-Matte Universal Blotting Powder to set my foundation. Like always, I applied the foundation onto one side of my face with a dampened sponge and the other side with a buffing brush. Honestly, both applications work great for this foundation and can be used either way. If you want a fuller coverage, go with the brush and if you are looking for a lighter coverage, go with the sponge.

Upon initial application, the foundation concealed any redness and evened out my overall skintone. Products applied great on top of the foundation and the coverage was a light to medium with a natural finish.

After about 5 hours of wear, I did start to get a little oily in my t-zone. However, I didn’t notice any areas that had rubbed off throughout the day and the foundation seemed to still be in place. I also didn’t see any redness coming through and my overall complexion was evened out.

After about 12 hours of total wear time, the Even Better Foundation held up quite nicely! On my last update, you can see a bit of redness peaking through around my nose and cheek area, but it honestly wasn’t very bad – especailly after 12 hours of wear! For this foundation to be marketed for all skin types, I am truly impressed with how oil controlling this foundation is. The oil control may have been assisted with the pore refining solution, as well, as the stay matte powder, but I honestly don’t think it affected it too much as I have used both in the past interchangeably. This foundation might become one of my favorites along with my HG Too Faced Peach Foundation

Overall, I think this foundation wore beautifully throughout the day and I highly recommend!

Have you ever tried Clinique’s Even Better Foundation? If so, what are your thoughts?




2 thoughts on “Foundation Review |Clinique’s Even Better Foundation with SPF 15

  1. Akanksha Mondal says:

    I live in a very humid place and my skin type leans towards oily side.I also have some old acne scars and one active acne,like always.Can I use it? Please reply….


    • Sincere Lee says:

      I think it would definitely be worth a try if it is in your price range! I still use it in my everyday rotation. I have also found that a good primer & powder helps with the lasting power of this foundation. I would like to preface that foundation, or makeup in general, is very subjective. So what may work for me, may not work for everyone else. Hope this was helpful!!


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