I Won A Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Hope y'alls new year is off to a fresh start! Did any of you make a new years resolution? I try not to make a NY's resolution because I'm scared I am setting myself up for failure... so, I try to trick myself instead LOL. I'm telling myself that I am going to … Continue reading I Won A Giveaway!

My Current Blush Collection

Continuing in this Collection Series, we are diving in to my blush collection! My first ever blush was Covergirl's Cheekers Blush. Remember the one? It came with a little handle brush that did nothing for the cheeks LOL. Since then, the drugstore has come a long way!! I still have some drugstore products in my … Continue reading My Current Blush Collection

BoxingLuxe UnBoxing: September 2019

This month we are unboxing Boxycharm's BoxyLUXE! Boxyluxe is Boxycharm's bigger, & better, older sister! You get more products & more bang for your buck with the Boxyluxe. In order to receive a boxyluxe, you must already be a Charmer & pay an additional $28.99. So in total, every 3 months I pay just $50.00 (instead … Continue reading BoxingLuxe UnBoxing: September 2019

Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Serum – Day 1

We, as humans, are never satisfied. We want more, we want it fast, and we want results.  I've found when it comes to our beauty and complexion, we especially want all of these things. After trial and error, and sometimes after too much money spent, we become desperate. I'm no exception to this. A couple … Continue reading Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Serum – Day 1