I Tried Overtone & Here’s My Thoughts!

Hey everyone! It’s back to school season, which means we are more than half way done with this year!?! It’s insane to think we are approaching 2020, and quickly, I might add!

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on Overtone. I recently made a purchase from their website, after being sucked into their hair ads from my Instragram feed (it happens to the best of us). Currently I am inbetween hair appointments and am in a desperate need to cover the grays, fix the brassiness, and help this overall mess! And quickly too because I have a wedding I am going to at the end of this month. If you get your hair professionally done at a salon, you know all too well it takes a lot of time & money to get your hair colored, cut, & styled. I personally have very thick hair that tends to grow faster than others (mostly because of my B-12 shots & vitamins), and making a monthly or even a bi-monthly visit to the salon is just not in my budget. I get my hair cut every 6 months at the salon, but do regular trims by myself. I also like to color my own hair at the house, but keep it to the minimum of one color all over. Traditionally, I buy hair dye from Walmart, Walgreens, Target, or even Sally’s, but I’ve found that the bleaching agents in the dye are a little too harsh for my hair and end up damaging it more; so I am always on the hunt for a gentle semi-permanent dye.

If you are unfamiliar with the brand, Overtone, you are not alone; I had never heard of them prior to my Instragram feed being ambushed. Overtone is a hair dye company that prides itself on being non-damaging, cruelty-free, & 100% vegan. The company first started out making bright, vibrant semi-permanent hair dyes, but has since grown into making a variety of colors and shades and deep conditioners! After stalking their Instagram page, I decided to really look into their products. Since I work at a regular 9 to 5 job, I can’t quite jump on the colorful bandwagon just yet. Luckily, Overtone actually has a dye-line for Brown Hair; meaning, the color is much more subtle because of the naturally darker strands & provides a much more warmer feel, instead of a colorful, vibrant look. They have just recently released a Red for Brown Hair, and also have Rose Gold for Brown Hair & Purple for Brown Hair.

Since I’m new to the Overtone world & am not the adventure-seeking type, I settled with the Espresso Brown Coloring Conditioner. From the photo’s, it looked safe and gave a very my-hair-but-better vibe. I opted out on purchasing the Daily Conditioner or ordering the Coloring Conditioner in the Complete System (which would include both), solely because I wasn’t sure if the product was right for me.

My order was placed on August 6th & arrived on August 13th, at the regular standard shipping rate. Below are my before & after pictures so you can see the results for yourself!


I’m in love with the results! The color not only looks good, but my hair feels & looks healthier! The only con is my grays… they are sadly relentless & will not budge. Easy application (similar to box dyes from the store) and did not stain my hair line or neck! The waiting period is only 15 minutes, which is pretty standard for semi-permanent hair dye, and just wash with warm to hot water in the shower! Super easy, super quick!

After this bottle has been used up, I’m definitely going to be re-purchasing the Espresso Brown but will be purchasing the Complete Systems kit so that way I can maintain my color with daily washes. And who knows, maybe I will give the Rose Gold for Brown Hair or the Purple for Brown Hair a try… and even have a little mixology with Espresso Brown and one of the other two! The possibilities seem endless. Two thumbs up from this hot mess!

Wanna check out Overtone? Follow the link or check them out on Instagram!




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