BoxingLuxe UnBoxing: September 2019

This month we are unboxing Boxycharm’s BoxyLUXE! Boxyluxe is Boxycharm’s bigger, & better, older sister! You get more products & more bang for your buck with the Boxyluxe. In order to receive a boxyluxe, you must already be a Charmer & pay an additional $28.99. So in total, every 3 months I pay just $50.00 (instead of the regular price of $21.00), and receive the Boxyluxe, instead of the regular box. Each boxyluxe has a guaranteed value at over $250.00!!! 😮 

Boxycharm is also giving out a FREE Becca Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder to all new subcribers! We received this powder last month in our Boxycharm, & I am obsessed with it!!

Check out what products I got in this month’s Boxyluxe below!






Mistress Hydrating Balm

“Leave-In Conditioning balm that won’t weigh hair down”

First Impression: Haven’t had the opportunity to try this product out yet, but I have high hopes as my hair is currently on the struggle-bus :/




Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask

“A hydrating recovery sleeping mask that balances skin’s naturally occurring flora and locks in moisture overnight to reduce redness and soothe the signs of irritation”

First Impression: I have only gotten the chance to use this product once & didn’t see any noticeable differences in the overall appearance of my skin, but with most skincare items, it takes at least a month to see the benefits. We’ve gotten Dr. Brandt twice now in our regular boxes, and now in the Boxyluxe! Such an expensive product for only 1.7 ounces!







Essentials Eyeshadow Palette

“Provides revamped essential shades and an equal number of breathtaking mattes and metallics so you can create the most fashion-forward netural looks. The Essentials palette was designed for everyday use in a stunning mix of warm and cool tones shades for countless color combinations. Rethink essentials and effortlessly take your look from day to night. Achieve a soft-glam or go bold with a pop of color-the choice is yours”

First Impression: I dabbled a little into this product, and like the mattes so far! I haven’t tried out the glitters or metallics, but they swatch beautifully. We recently got a the HG Voilet Voss eyeshadow palette in a previous Boxyluxe and I use that palette on a regular basis! Violet Voss’ eyeshadows are an OG for a reason, and I am so happy that we got this one in this month’s box!




Pineapple-C Bright Serum

“The ultimate brightening serum for brightening and smoothing! Formuated with a staple blend of 22% pure pineapple juice – one of the most potent sources of natural vitamin C, natural AHA, and bromelain enzymes. Infused with chamomile, aloe, and vitamin E to soothe even the most sensitive skin”

First Impression: I have never tried this skincare brand below but have always heard amazing reviews! Since I am already using Farmacy’s Honeymoon Glow AHA Resurfacing Night Serum, I will have to alternate between the two or wait until the first one is used up! If you are sensitive to certain smells, you might think this is a little strong. I love pineapples, so the scent doesn’t bother me too much!







Park Avenue Princess Palette

“Available in Tarte’s signature Park Ave Princess radiant bronze shade, the waterproof formula adds instant warmth and dimension across a variety of skin tones as Amazonian clay helps improve overall skin clarity, texture, & tone for an overall lit-from-within complexion”

First Impression: I loved the Amazonian Clay Bronzer from Tarte, so I was super excited to hear we were receiving this product this month! So far I have used the cool-toned contour shade and the yellow-toned hightlight powder & both have worn beautifully on my skin. I’m super curious to test out the waterproof claim, especially now in this 90º weather here in Georiga!





Blickity Black Eye Liner

“Our eye liner is a vegan liquid formula that dries down to a satin/matte finish. This formula is extreemly long-wearing and transfer resistant which is perfect for those with hooded eyelids”

First Impression: I have worn this eyeliner to work, and have already fallen in love. I usually can’t wear liquid eyeliners because of my hooded eyes, but this seemed to work for me! It stayed put all day, despite the humidity & my oils, and didn’t transfer! The application process was really quick & easy also! One swipe, & I was done! It’s also easy to get a thin line as well, which again, works great for my eye shape!




Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

“The original power pout! Stila’s award-winning full-coverage creamy liquid lipstick delivers bold, long-lasting color that wears comfortable for up to 12 hours. Enriched with vitamin E & avocado oil, this lightweight formula softens lips so they look & feel beautiful”

First Impression: The OG of liquid lipstick. Does anyone else still wear liquid lipstick? I have found that I don’t wear it as often anymore, but still like it for brighter and deeper shades, like this one! When I want to wear a deeper shade such as Rubino, I want it to stay put and not slide across my face. I have tried this product, & so far, love it. I have not tested it for longer than 2 hours, nor gave it the food & water test. I also didn’t need a lipliner to help with the application process.



Clipless Curling Iron With Cool Tip

“This clipless curling iron is the perfect tool for beach waves, glam curls, soft or tight curls, and even ringlets. This top-of-the-line curling iron has a ceramic heating element and an infused titanium polished barrel (1.25″)”

First Impression: I haven’t tested this curling iron out yet, but I’m so excited that we received it this month! I have been on the hunt for a clipless curling iron, because my curling wand tapers and only gives me a certain curl… with this curling iron I have more flexibility with the type of curls I want!

Interested in getting a subscription with Boxycharm? Get signed up today to receive the FREE Becca Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder! You are always guaranteed over $100.00 valued for the regular boxes, and are guaranteed over $250.00 valued for the Boxyluxes! I only paid $50.00 this month for my Boxyluxe and received an overall total of $311.00 for this month’s box!? Save a little money in your pocket with Boxycharm and get high-end products for only $21.00/month 🙂


Don’t forget to like & subscribe before you go!





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